Policy IHAMC-R
Adopted:  06/25/05


HIV/Aids Education
(Exemption Procedure)


Exemption will be granted from a specific portion of the HIV/Aids education curriculum on the grounds that the material taught is contrary to the religious beliefs and teachings of the student or of the student’s parent/guardian.  If the request for the exemption is from a specific portion of the HIV/Aids education curriculum that concerns human sexuality, no reason must be given by the parent/guardian when requesting the exemption.


In grades K-8, the building administrator will be notified that the instructor will present such materials at least 12 school days prior to the instruction date.  At least 8 school days prior to the presentation date, the building administrator will send home a parent/guardian notification and release form.  This form shall state the nature of the materials to be presented, the date of the presentation and the times and dates when the public may review the materials.  The notification/release form shall state the student may be exempted as per policy EMBB.  No student shall attend this presentation without a signed parental/guardian consent form.  Any student who does not attend the presentation shall be assigned equal but alternative work to complete during that time.


Notification for grades 9-12 shall consist of a letter home at the beginning of the school year, and/or in the student handbook stating that sex education is a part of the state mandated curriculum and will be taught.  The statement shall include a policy for student exemption from such instruction as per policy EMBB.

























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