Section I contains policies, regulations and exhibits on the instructional program. This section covers basic curricular subjects, special programs, instructional resources and academic achievement. It includes policies about the school year, school day, grading, graduation requirements, home schooling, school library and media center, textbook selection and adoption, field trips, teaching methods and school ceremonies.

IHA                    Basic Instructional Program

IHA-R                Basic Instructional Program (Implementation Plan for Student                                  Individual Career and Academic Plans - ICAP)

IHAM-R             Health Education (Exemption Procedure) - Regulation

IHAMB-R           Family Life/Sex Education (Exemption Procedure) - Regulation

IHAMC-R           HIV/AIDS Education (Exemption Procedure) - Regulation

ILBB                   State Program Assessments

ILBC                   Early Literacy and Reading Comprehension (Colorado READ Act)

ILBC-R               Early Literacy and Reading Comprehension (Procedures to                                           Implement the Colorado READ Act)

IMDB                  Flag Displays