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Policy GBGB
Adopted: 3-23-95




The following procedures shall be followed in instances of assault, disorderly conduct, verbal abuse, harassment or alleged criminal offense by a student directed toward a teacher or school employee.  These same procedures shall be followed in instances of damage by a student to the personal property of a teacher or school employee occurring on school district premises.


1.         The teacher or employee shall file a written complaint with the building principal, the superintendent's office and the Board of Education.


2.         The principal, after receipt both of the complaint and adequate proof of the charges, shall suspend the student for three days in accordance with established procedures.


3.         The superintendent shall initiate procedures for the further suspension or expulsion of the student when injury or property damage has occurred.


4,         The superintendent or his designee shall report the incident to the district attorney or the appropriate local law enforcement agency or officer who shall then investigate the incident to determine the appropriateness of filing criminal charges or initiating delinquency proceeding.


5.         A copy of this policy shall be distributed to each student and posted in each school building.



LEGAL REF.:  1973 C.R.S. 22-32-109(1)(X)(1).(11)


CROSS REF.:  ECAB, Vandalism

                        JGD/JGE, Student Suspension/Expulsion
















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