Policy GBEE/JS
Adopted:  07/28/98
Revised:  09/28/99





The Internet is a vast collection of educational resources for staff and students and provides access to local, national and international sources of information and collaboration vital to intellectual inquiry.  The Internet is considered an extension of school libraries and other media/resource centers with a goal of promoting resource sharing, research innovation, communication and opportunity for collaborative work.


The Board of Education supports the use of the Internet by staff and students to improve teaching and learning through interpersonal communication, access to information, research, training and collaboration and dissemination of successful educational practices, methods and materials.


It is impossible to control all materials on a global network, and an industrious user may discover controversial information.  The Board firmly believes that the valuable information and interaction available on this worldwide network far outweighs the possibility that users may procure material that is not consistent with the educational goals of the District.


The Board directs the superintendent to develop procedures for staff use of the Internet.  Such procedures should address issues of privacy, ethical use of information, illegal and/or unauthorized uses of the networks and other conditions of usage.


Use of this education resource demands personal responsibility and an understanding of the acceptable use procedures for the Internet.  Staff and student use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right.  General rules for behavior and communications apply when using the Internet.  Failure to follow the acceptable use procedures will result in the loss of the privilege to use this tool and may result in disciplinary action.


LEGAL REF.:  47 U.S.C. 201 et sea.  (Communications Decency Act of 1995)





















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