File: GBAA

Policy GBAA
Adopted:  07/28/98
Revised:  11/09/99




(Grievance Procedure)


1.                  Staff members who believe that they have been subject to sexual harassment will report the incident to the principal, who will be referred to as the grievance officer.  If the alleged harasser is the person designated as the grievance officer, an alternate grievance officer will be appointed by the superintendent to investigate the matter.


2.                  Upon receiving a report, the grievance officer will confer with the staff member who has allegedly been harassed as soon as is reasonably possible, but in no event more than 2 business days from receiving the report, in order to obtain a clear understanding of the basis of the complaint and to discuss what action the staff member is seeking.


3.                  At the initial meeting with the staff member, the grievance officer will explain the avenues for informal and formal action and  provide a description of the grievance procedure.  The grievance officer will also explain that whether or not the staff member files a formal grievance or otherwise requests action, the district is required by law to take steps to correct the harassment and to prevent recurring harassment or retaliation against anyone who makes a harassment report or participates in an investigation.  The grievance officer will also explain to the staff member that any request for confidentiality will be honored so long as doing so does not preclude the school from responding effectively to the harassment and preventing future harassment.


4.                  Following the initial meeting with the staff member, the grievance officer will attempt to meet with the alleged harasser in order to obtain a response to the reported harassment.  The grievance officer will conduct a thorough investigation, including additional interview with the parties and interview with witnesses, if available.  The grievance officer will complete the investigation within 14 business days of the initial meeting with the staff member.


5.                  Within 7 business days of completing the investigation, the grievance officer will determine whether the matter should proceed formally or informally.  On the basis of the grievance officer’s investigation and if the staff member requests that the matter be resolved in an informal manner and the grievance officer agrees that the matter is suitable for such resolution, the grievance officer may attempt to resolve the matter informally through conciliation.


6.                  If the staff member request a formal grievance process, the grievance officer will transfer the record to the superintendent or designee for formal resolution within 7 business days of completing the investigating, and so notify the parties by certified mail.


7.                  After reviewing the record made by the grievance officer, the superintendent or designee may gather additional evidence necessary to decide the case.  Within 14 business days of receiving the record, the superintendent or designee will announce any sanctions or other action deemed appropriate, including recommendations to the Board for disciplinary nor other action.


8.                  Whether or not a formal grievance was filed, the district will take all reasonable steps necessary to end the harassment, to prevent harassment from recurring and to prevent retaliation against anyone that reports sexual harassment or participates in a harassment investigation.


9.                  All parties will be notified by the superintendent of the final outcome of the investigation and all steps taken by the district.


At any time, the staff member making a report of sexual harassment may request an end to the informal process and begin the formal grievance process.

































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