Policy EEAFB
Adopted:  01/31/95




The general philosophy of the Board of Education is that transportation equipment purchased by the school district is to be used primarily for school purposes and that taxpayers shall not be expected to subsidize busing equipment or personnel not necessary for school district purposes.


Nevertheless, as required by statute, the Board of Education shall make available for use by community groups composed of citizens 65 years of age and older school transportation equipment to the extent that such use does not infringe upon or impair use for school district purposes.  As permitted by law, such groups shall be expected to pay the actual costs involved in the use of school transportation equipment.


Non-school use of school transportation equipment shall not intermingle with student transportation nor shall it interfere with:


1.  Student transportation to, from or between schools.

2.  Student transportation for school activities and functions.

3.  Emergency transportation for students.

4.  Time required for maintenance and service of equipment.

5.  Provision of standby equipment for school purposes.


Regulations and procedures for senior citizens use of school transportation equipment shall be developed by the administration and approved by the Board.


LEGAL REF.:  C.R.S. 22-32-128


















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