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Businesses Visited

The following local businesses were very generous in bring our class of 21 junior and seniors into their brick and mortar businesses in order to give them a better understanding of what it is like to own and operate a small business in rural Colorado.

Kiowa County Library
Charlene Blakely

Kelli Jensen

Eads Auto Supply (NAPA)
John Courkamp

Mandy Brown Accounting
Mandy Brown

Kiowa County Press
Connie McPherson

Cobblestone Hotel

Back in Action Chiropractic
Meredith Cordova

Kiowa County National Bank
Sean Lening

Baxter Agency
Marilyn Baxter

Kiowa Healthmart
Tom Davis

Sandy Moss

Saffer Spray Service
Roger Saffer

Small Business Association
Rachel Wallace, Director

Cinnamon Joes
Denise Nelson

Stop & Shop Grocery Store
Keith & Jennifer Crow

Blue Roof Hydro Farm
Katie Kopasz

Mitchek Farms
Nathanial & Holly Mitchek

K & M Restaurant
Marla Rasmussen

CLCEC with (student volunteers & workers)
Betsy Barnett, Chair