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9th Grade Career Goals

9th Grade

1.  Documentation of a written PWR goal based on career cluster inventory and interest survey, developed by student and his/her family, in collaboration with school staff.

2.  Documentation that student has created action steps for reaching their PWR goal with guidance from a qualified advisor.

3.  Record that student has completed at least one career exploratory or interest(s) survey, to inform the development of the student's PWR goal.

4.  Documentation that student has explored and identified anticipated post-secondary studies that align with PWR goal.

5.  Documentation that student has identified and explored relevant and contextual learning and service learning opportunities.

6.  Record of academic progress as detailed on student transcript and other official learning plans documenting student academic progress.

7.  Documentation of student assessment results.  They include Accuplacer, EXPLORE, PLAN, NWEA, TCAP, district summative assessment.

8.  Evidence that student and his/her family understands the school's high school graduation requirements and uses this information to develop their academic plan.

 9.  Documentation that the student understands the components of a resume.

10.  Record that the student has completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 4-caster, reviewed the results with his/her family and applied this information to their post-secondary financial plan.

11.  Record the student understands the process and timeline to receive financial aid and the College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend and is signed up on COF.

12.  Evidence that student understands the need for financial planning as it relates to their PWR goal.