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12th Grade Career Goals

12th Grade

1.  Documentation that student has reviewed and revised their PWR goal based on a career cluster, a interest survey and education and/or work experiences.

2.  Documentation that student is on track to reach their PWR goal and has created a transition plan for entry into postsecondary education and/or workforce.

3.  Student has reviewed career exploratory or interest(s) survey and reviewed PWR goal to update, if necessary.

4.  Record that student has reviewed anticipated postsecondary studies form prior years and update as necessary.

5.  Documentation that student has participated in an internship, summer job, part-time work or school activity based on their PWR goal.

6.  Documentation of students continued and deepened involvement in contextual and service learning activities, strategically based on PWR goals.

7.  Record of academic progress as detailed on student transcript.

8.  Documentation of assessments: Include Dual Credit, ACT, SAT, Accuplacer, TCAP, ASVAB, CTE tests, etc...

9.  Documentation that student has reviewed their academic plan and is in line to graduate meeting all requirements and PWR goal.

10.  Transcript of postsecondary (dual credit) studies from LCC.

11.  Documentation that student has submitted one college applicaation or alternative application (job application).

12.  Documentation that student has reviewed and revised their resume as needed.

13.  Evidence that student is aware of the recommended entrance and orientation activities of selected postsecondary option (or attend new employee orientation and review employee handbook).

14.  Documentation that student has completed 3 scholarship applications (at least one local scholarship) and are relevant to their PWR goals.

15.  Record that student has completed required financial aid application(s) including the FAFSA with parent or guardian.

16.  Documentation that student understands and can evaluate a financial aid award letter.

17.  Documentation that student understands requirements to maintain financial aid eligibility.

18.  Documentation that student understands the benefits of a relationship with a financial institution.

19.  Evidence that student has updated financial goals that lead to a postsecondary financial plan.

20.  Documentation that student identifies loan types for postsecondary education and repayment responsibilities.