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10th Grade Career Goals

10th Grade

1. Documentation that student has reviewed and revised their PWR goal based on a career cluster, a interest survey and education and/or work experience.

2.  Documentation that student has reviewed and updated benchmarks for reaching that goal.  Documentation that student is on track to reach their PWR goal.

3.  Record that student has completed at least one career exploratory or interest(s) survey and reviewed PWR goal to update, if necessary.

4.  Record that student has reviewed and identified anticipated post-secondary studies and/or career training that align with their PWR goal.

5.  Documentation that student has participated in an internship, summer job, part-time work or school activity based on their PWR goal.

6.  Documentation of students continued and deepened involvement in contextual and service learning activities, strategically based on PWR goal.

7.  Record of academic progress as detailed in students transcript.

8.  Documentation of state assessment results that are relevant to student's PWR goals.  They may include:  PSAT, Accuplacer, PLAN, EXPLORE, ASVAB, TCAP, NWEA

9.  Documentation that student's academic plan is in line with high school graduation requirements.

10.  Evidence that student has completed at least one post-secondary search and has identified.

11.  Documentation that students understands the timeline and entrance requirements for post-secondary options (including colleges, apprenticeships, agencies, workforce centers, military) and has discussed this information with a qualified advisor.

12.  Student has completed a first draft of a resume.

13.  Demonstrate understanding of possible scholarship criteria and requirements.

14.  Evidence that student has identified possible financial aid resources and tools based on their PWR goals and post-secondary financial plan.

15.  Documentation that student is working on mastering the Personal Financial Literacy knowledge and skills as articulated in the Colorado Academic Standards.

16.  Documentation that the student understands the need for financial planning as it relates to their PWR goal.